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Tile Flooring Store in Barrie, ON

Known to last for centuries, the perfect tile is an eternally lovely flooring solution that works well outdoors as well as indoors. Lauded by the ancients, tile also lends itself readily to modern life, as it’s both stylish and durable, with thousands of colours, materials, and textures. At Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home in Barrie, Ontario, we carry a comprehensive collection of both indoor and outdoor tile, with new products regularly being added to address customer requests. Are you thinking of having a tile floor or backsplash installed in your home or business? Check out our tile brands and the information below to learn more.



Types of Tile

Tile continues to evolve with the time, with new products consistently introduced to the retail market. However, the most popular tile types remain some of the more traditional tiles: stone, ceramic, and porcelain. Consider your functional needs when choosing tile: indoors or outdoors, heavy use or moderate use, casual or formal. Ceramic tile is the most used tile on the market and is made of clay, which is then fired in a kiln. Ceramic tile is a popular choice for commercial use, since it can withstand heavy traffic. When ceramic tile is fired at a much higher temperature, it becomes porcelain. Porcelain makes for very dense tile that is tough enough to use outdoors, but also lends itself beautifully to kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior spots. Carved out of natural substances like travertine, marble, and granite, stone tile is a popular pick for patios, since it blends in so nicely with the natural landscape. Stone tiles are also a popular pick for foyers and fireplaces. You can find a wide selection of our tiles online.



Backsplash Tile

Tile is made for more than just your flooring. We also have a selection of tile options that can be installed on your walls! Backsplash tile is unique because of all the different material options you have which include stone, concrete, mosaic tiles and more. Backsplash tile is an affordable way for you to update your kitchen or bathroom without breaking the budget. It also adds a pop of style to and otherwise unused space in your home.



Tile Installation

Tile flooring can be installed anywhere in your home. The most common places homeowners install tile is in bathrooms and kitchens. We have trendy tile options that can also be installed in your bedroom or living room! Tile does require professional installation because of the cutting involved as well as grouting and other details.



Tile Flooring and Backsplashes



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Learn More About Tile



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Tile Maintenance

Because it resists moisture and dirt, tile remains easy

to clean and maintain. Visit our Flooring Guide to

learn about tile maintenance.