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rustic look hardwood flooring in living room

Hardwood Flooring in Barrie, ON

The allure of hardwood flooring stands the test of time, offering a timeless, durable, and stylish option for any space. And if you’re like many homeowners looking to upgrade their floors to hardwood, your search ends with Irvine Carpet One! At Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home in Barrie, ON, we understand that the world of flooring is vast, with countless options and new products regularly introduced to the market. This diversity allows you to select the ideal hardwood flooring for your space, one that suits your budget, lifestyle, and personal taste. 


Whether you prefer the classic charm of solid oak or the versatility of engineered hardwood, we are here to guide you toward making the right choice. Keep reading our guide to learn more about the different styles and benefits of hardwood at Irvine Carpet One.


Exploring the Different Wood Species: Find Your Ideal Hardwood

Choosing the perfect hardwood for your home starts with selecting the right wood species. Our extensive range of hardwood species includes walnut, cherry, oak, maple, and more, each offering a unique colour, grain pattern, and visual appeal. Some examples of hardwood species include the following:



Personalize Your Space: Custom Hardwood Styles

Hardwood styles are diverse, allowing you to create a personalized space that complements your home's decor. Hardwood looks may include the following:



Solid vs Engineered Hardwood: The Right Choice for Your Space

When it comes to hardwood flooring, two main types should be considered for your space:


Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood, a timeless and classic choice, allows the natural characteristics of the wood to shine. Solid hardwood is a great investment, thanks to the ability to refinish it multiple times over the years, ensuring it lasts a lifetime. Other benefits include the following:


Engineered Hardwood

Constructed from layers of composite wood, with a real hardwood veneer, engineered hardwood offers stability and is perfect for all levels of your home. Benefits include the following:



Engineered Hardwood vs. Humidity

Maintaining proper humidity levels is the key to ensuring your hardwood flooring remains in top condition. Here's a closer look at the benefits of engineered, waterproof hardwood for moisture-prone areas.


The Engineered Hardwood Advantage

Waterproof Hardwood Benefits


Pro-Tip: To protect your hardwoods from issues such as warping and cracking, aim for a relative humidity range of 30% to 50%.


Popular Hardwood Flooring Styles

Hardwood flooring trends are diverse, offering everything from rich, deep tones to soft, muted hues. Our experts can help you find the perfect match for your space.


Popular styles include:



Expert Hardwood Installations from Irvine Carpet One

Proper installation plays a vital role in the longevity and performance of your hardwood floors. Our expert installers ensure your new surface is perfectly placed for long-lasting beauty and performance.



Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home: Your Premier Hardwood Destination

At Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home, we're passionate about helping homeowners discover the beauty of hardwood flooring. 



Frequently Asked Questions About Barrie Hardwood


Q: How does humidity affect hardwood flooring? 

A: Humidity can cause hardwoods to expand or contract. 


Q: Can hardwood be installed in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens? 

A: Engineered hardwood or waterproof hardwood is ideal for high-humidity areas. These options resist water damage and are suitable for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.



Q: Is hardwood a sustainable flooring choice? 

A: Yes! hardwood is a renewable resource, and responsible forestry practices ensure the health of forests. Solid hardwood can last a lifetime, reducing the need for replacement and minimizing waste.



Q: Why choose Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home for hardwood flooring? 

A: Homeowners choose Irvine Carpet One for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 



Upgrade Your Home with Barrie, ON Hardwood Flooring

In the world of flooring, few options can match the enduring charm, timeless beauty, and unmatched durability of hardwood. Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home in Barrie, ON, is your premier destination for a wide range of high-quality hardwood flooring options and flooring brands. Our dedicated team is here to assist you in finding the perfect hardwood to elevate your space. Transform your space today with the enduring charm of hardwood and experience the difference for yourself. Visit your local showroom, located at 514 Bayfield Street, Barrie, ON, and 494 Veterans Drive Unit 18, Barrie, ON to get started.

Timeless Hardwood Floors for Your Home

"Timeless" is always in style. Here are some classic hardwood flooring suggestions to consider from Irvine Carpet One.
light toned hardwood flooring in midcentury modern dining room

Which Hardwood Works for My Space?

If you're not sure which hardwood species or style to choose, we can help! Here's a guide to help you get started.
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rustic hardwood flooring in living room

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Find your perfect hardwood floors at Irvine Carpet One, including waterproof and pet-friendly flooring.

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