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grey patterned carpet in living room

Carpet in Barrie, ON

Carpet is cozy and comforting and not surprisingly, one of our favourite flooring options for commercial and residential settings. One of carpet’s strongest perks is its ability to provide a dramatic and instant transformation to every space it touches. With a full spectrum of styles, colours, and textures offered, there’s truly carpet for everyone.


At Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home in Barrie, Ontario, we carry a wide assortment of carpet and custom area rugs, and can help you navigate the different product families, narrowing down your search to discover the perfect flooring fit for your home or business, and schedule your flooring installation.



Shop Carpet with Us

Our carpet experts can help you find the best carpet for your home and oversee your flooring installation.


Today’s consumers have more options than ever before, with an appropriate choice for every room in your home, regardless of your lifestyle and budget. There are even carpets that can cohabitate peacefully with children and pets.


The beauty of carpet is that it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. It can transform a space into a cozy and inviting area to gather in. We recommend installing carpets in bedrooms and living rooms, and in other areas of the home like hallways, stairs, and children’s playrooms.


Need carpet for your stairs? You will LOVE our custom stair runners




Best Types of Carpet

Thanks to modern innovation, today’s carpet spans many, many beautiful and smart solutions, suitable for all the common flooring challenges.


Let’s take a closer look at the different types of carpet options and what makes them unique. We offer a variety of different carpet styles that feature different fibres and pile styles.


There are carpets made to resist all types of stains and hold up amidst extreme conditions. Some types of carpet are made to trap and repel common allergens, while others are made for quick and simple cleaning.



What Are Carpet Fibres?

Carpet fibres, or carpet pile, are the threads in your carpet.


There are a variety of carpet fibres available, including both natural and synthetic options. The type of fibre you choose helps determine the durability and fade-resistance for your floor, along with other performance features.


You can also decide on eco-friendly choices, like recycled polyester or natural wool, as well as options that off-gas lower levels of VOCs to promote a healthier indoor environment.



What is My Carpet Construction?

Beyond the type of fibre you choose, it's also essential to look at the overall construction of your carpet.


Different pile structures offer varying levels of tear and wear-resilience, as well as textures and styles.


Shop For Carpet and Rugs Near You in Barrie, ON

At Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home we offer one of greater Barrie’s finest arrays of carpet and related products.


As members of Carpet One Floor & Home, which is the continent’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores, we boast unmatched buying power, localized and friendly services, and competitive pricing.


Want to learn more about our carpet and services? Please visit us soon at 514 Bayfield Street or 495 Veterans Drive, Unit 18, in Barrie, ON.

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