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Why Ceramic Tile

There are many reasons why ceramic tile is the best choice for your flooring needs.

BEAUTY:  We feature a wide variety of Ceramic tile, Porcelan, Glass tiles, Metal, Natural Stone, Marble, Granite or Travertine. Tiles are aesthetically beautiful and gives added value to your home. Today there are so many different styles, colours, and textures to choose from, why limit yourself.  With the help of Irvine Carpet One Floor and Home trained Sales Associates you will have the beautiful home all your friends will talk about.

Versatility: Today tiles are being used in all rooms in your home. Its not just meant to be put on floors anymore, tiles are used on Fireplaces, backsplash, counters, vanity tops, bathroom walls, showers, shower floors and ceilings, outside and even garage floors. There are tiles that look like wood, for the area in your house where real wood is just not a good option. Visit our newly designed ceramic tile department and one of our helpful Sales Associates will be happy to help you.


About Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has been used for centuries and offers consumers more options in color, texture, pattern and overall beauty than most other floor covering materials. With new manufacturing techniques today’s ceramic tile designs are virtually indistinguishable from natural marbles, travertines, slates and other stone products. Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles are great choices for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, sun rooms and great rooms.

Wear Rating

To help select suitable tiles for specific applications tiles are rated the P.E.I. (Porcelain Enamel Institute) scale. The tiles are evaluated for wear resistance on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).

Water Absorption

Ceramic tiles are also classified by their water absorption rate which reflects the density of the body of the tile. There is a direct relationship to the water absorption rate and the suitability of the various types of tile for interior or exterior applications. Tiles suitable for exterior applications must have a very low water absorption rate, especially in climates subject to freezing and thawing cycles. These are typically porcelain body tiles which have a moisture absorption rating of less than .5 %.


Like the natural products themselves tiles will vary in shading. This adds to the beauty and design of the products. When choosing a tile it’s best to view 2-3 tiles together to visually determine the overall appearance of the tile.

Our Ceramic Brands

Types of tiles we show case


We carry a full line of installation products for the DIY projects.

Schluter Systems

Square Notch Trowels, Rubber Floats, Adhesive spreaders, Tile Saws and replacement blades, Tile files, Grout sponges and grout removers, spacers

Full range of

Our sales associates will be happy to give you direction on DYI projects

Ceramic Tile Maintenance

We carry a full line of cleaners and sealers to keep your floors looking great for years. Please talk to one of our Sales Associates who will recommend the products you will need to maintain your new floors.

Contact Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home to learn more about the Ceramic Tile solution that will work best for you.