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Why Choose an Area rug?

Most people think of rugs only as a smaller and more portable substitute for carpeting. But a throw rug or an area rug can be a marvelous accent – even for a room already outfitted with wall-to-wall carpeting. Since there are so many rugs to choose from, the most challenging task when shopping is sorting through them all, to find one that fits your home’s existing decor and color scheme. You can choose from generic area rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs and rug padding.

Whether you want a rug to cover a bare hardwood floor or to add panache to a room that already has carpeting, it will offer sound deadening and visual flair to your room without compromising your family’s comfort. If sliding is an issue on a hardwood or ceramic tile floor, then you can get some rug padding to place beneath your rug, preventing it from slipping or piling up when pets or children run across it.

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