Natural Stone Flooring

A naturally stylish and durable flooring option

Stone Flooring in Barrie, ON

stone flooring in barrie ontario

Bring the outdoors in with natural stone flooring. Stone flooring adds a unique dimension that is sure to draw the attention of your guests.

Style. Since stone is a natural material, no two stones are the same. This means no two floors are the same. By putting stone in your home you are creating a truly one of a kind space. And given its natural properties you can enjoy a beauty only the earth can create. Stone flooring can also be finished to give additional unique looks.

Polished – Gives the stone a shine and enhanced color

Honed – The stone is ground into a flat, smooth surface

Tumbled – Stones are put together and “tumbled” to roughen their surface which creates a rustic look and makes them less slippery

Durability. Stone is naturally a very hard, strong material. This makes the floors very durable and resistant to most scratches and scuffs. The floors should also be sealed to protect them from spills and stains. And if a stone is damaged you only need to replace that tile.

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