Laminate flooring gives you the option of having a floor that looks and feels just like wood, stone, or ceramic tile with an affordable price; and with advances in manufacturing technology, laminate has become a viable alternative to its hard surface counterparts.

Laminate’s value can seem too good to be true. Many people are aware that it is a less expensive alternative to hardwood (or other hard surfaces), which can lead to the perception that the quality of laminate is not as high as hardwood. This is false, because laminate is both more durable and longer lasting than hardwood. This means you will be replacing a laminate floor much less often than a hardwood floor. Laminate is actually less expensive because it is much easier to reproduce than hardwood, not because manufacturers sacrifice quality for price.

Laminate is a very environmentally friendly flooring option. Its core layer is made from recycled wood fibers that would otherwise be buried in a landfill. The high-quality image layer reproduces the appearance of wood rather than milling trees for the real thing. This also applies to stone or ceramic, which are not renewable resources. There are also no special chemicals requires for cleaning and the click and lock system requires no harmful glues or adhesives for installation.

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