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Irvine Carpet One Floor & Home in Barrie, ON has a great selection of flooring options, including hardwood flooring. When you shop with us you’ll find a wide selection of types of hardwood flooring in our showroom. Our flooring professionals are here and ready to help you find the perfect floor, and can answer any questions you may have about hardwood flooring.

Hardwood flooring is known to add value to your home. You should look at hardwood as an investment because of that value adding component in addition to it also adding style to your space. Hardwood is a long lasting flooring option when properly maintained.

To learn more about our hardwood options, take a look at our Hardwood Guide.

Top Hardwood Brands

Being a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative gives us the ability to provide you with competitive pricing on name brand flooring. That means you’ll find both popular name brands in addition to several Carpet One Floor & Home exclusive options including Rustic River™ Hardwood and Invincible™ Hardwood. Our Carpet One exclusive brands are backed by our award winning warranties.

Logs End is based in Ottawa, and is Canadian owned and operated. They obtain their timber in a unique way by not only collecting new-growth trees, but also retrieving "lost" timber from the Ottawa River, its tributaries and small lakes. To learn more about Logs End, be sure to check out their story. 

Featured Hardwood Brands

Nature's Walk hardwood flooring

Nature's Walk

Nature’s Walk flooring is a Canadian exclusive brand. Their hardwood floors embody inspiration from nature, and come in several different options to complement your home.

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Armstrong hardwood


Armstrong hardwood is one of the most popular hardwood flooring brands around. Their hardwood styles come in a variety of options to suit the needs of customers and their homes.

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mirage hardwood flooring

Mirage Hardwood

Mirage is a company that is recognized for outstanding quality products. Their hardwood floors are made to be long lasting, value-adding, and healthy for the environment and your home.

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